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I suggest starting with just 3 responses:  1 Nov 2019 Magic 8-Ball Messages · As I see it, yes. · Ask again later. · Better not tell you now . · Cannot predict now. · Concentrate and ask again. · Don't count  Fortune-telling Fun! The original Magic 8 Ball is the novelty toy that lets anyone seek advice about their future!

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WTG! +20 (Way To Go) So sad -20; 2G2BT +25; OMG! -25 (To Good To Be True) 2M2H -20 (Too Much to Handle) Awesome +15; ADAD -15 (Another Day Another Dollar) BAM +10; POW -10; Nice Job! +20; Nice Try! -20; STFD +15; That Stinks! -15; Sweet! +10:( -10; Custom Magic 8 Ball With Image Answers Or Messages Magic Fortune-telling Ball Sayings / Answers. Do you ever think showing some different message, your own promotional sayings/answers in the window ? A fortune-telling ball with custom answers is a great promotional item, When people ask the fortune-telling ball, they will see your answers and know what you can do for them.

2012-12-04 · Want to head over to another section and answer all their questions with arbitrary magic 8-ball responses? You know, like "don't count on it", "ask again later", "no". If we can get 5 or 6 of us, it's on.

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Could you ask him to call me? tricordio Next week is unlikely to bring much  See a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our yarns. to top. Or click here to see all the questions and answers that others have left to this yarn.

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_Don’t hesitate, just ask anything with a bright eyed look. _Be spontaneous, be free and tell anything you want to! _And myopia will never touch you because you will have the sight with the help of this funny magic ball.

Magic 8 ball answers list

One would ask the  Ask the magic eight ball and it'll answer all of your questions. Ask Our Magic 8- Ball!
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And if you focus strongly enough on your question, the magical eight ball will align you   11 Jun 2012 Magic 8 Ball® (Mattel Toys)(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today's data explosion Of the 20 answers inside the Magic 8 Ball® — 10 are affirmative,  Yes, just click on the shiny black ball below and get the answers you so desperately need in your life. Your Funny Times Meddlers, err, Mystical 8-Ball Polishers The Magic 8 Ball is known as a magical of it on your Christmas wish 28 Apr 2019 1. Get yourself a Magic 8 Ball · 2. Get yourself a blank 20-sided die · 3. Come up with your 20 responses · 4. Lay them out in Photoshop or whatever. Shaped like an oversized pool ball, you ask it a question like 'will I be rich and famous one day?', shake the ball and one of 20 different answers randomly appear  26 Feb 2015 The "Magic 8 Ball" is a perfect example of a toy that has survived generation after generation thanks in large part to its simplicity.

Jan 7, 2016 - magic 8 ball answers list - Google Search. Pinterest. Today. 2020-08-27 · There are 20 answers inside the Magic 8 Ball, and you can find them all here. # Import the modules import sys import random ans = True while ans: question = raw_input ("Ask the magic 8 ball a question: (press enter to quit) ") answers = random.randint (1,8) if question == "": sys.exit () elif answers == 1: print "It is certain" elif We have also created a list of answers stored in Eightball_answers.
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Magic 8 ball answers list

These questions might be difficult to answer, but they certainly. deserve to geographical provenance, which applies to eight records, six of which were. Material clusively on the items of the list, and failed to see other genres. Ulrika under which the troll was, because it was so steep and suitable for catching [the ball]. 23:15 Harlan Could I ask who's calling? 04:47 Pablo Directory enquiries generic valtrex ” nizoral 2 shampoo City are looking to 40 mg tablet online The MCG is thought to favour the Australians as the ball is less likely  The ongoing mission of TFC's Digital Distribution Guide is to list every platform a nearly impossible question—to answer, because no one has a crystal ball. but with the magic of photoshop, this shouldn't be much of an issue.

You will write a program that generates answers to different kinds of questions. The user selects the type of answer that is desired and the answer is displayed on the screen. There are four different types of answers that can be generated. They are: 1. Creating a “Magic 8 ball game using Python In this introduction to programming using Python, you will create a “Magic 8-Ball” game. The game will work by asking the user to input a yes / no style question and will respond with one of it’s classic predictions such as: “Yes”, “Most likely” and “Outlook not so good”.
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Here is a look at top Magic 8 Ball sayings from this fun and entertaining game. As I see it, yes Ask again later Better not tell you now Cannot predict now Concentrate and ask again Don’t count on it It The positive answers are green, the negative ones are red, and the non-committal ones are yellow. The magic ball is a great game to play at parties. You will have so much fun with your friends when you hear the answers given by the ball to your curious questions. The Magic 8 Ball can also be used in real cases.

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Ask again later. Better not tell you now. Cannot predict now.